Best Heat Styling Tools for 2024

One of the first beauty products my daughter asked me to purchase for her was a flat iron. She was feeling no love for her naturally wavy hair, and she was dying to try the super straight look of her favorite YouTube beauty blogger. I, on the other hand, have thick, straight hair that simply looks best with a little wave. We may share DNA, but our hairstyles and styling tools are as different as night and day.

Best Heat Styling Tools for 2024
Best Heat Styling Tools for 2024

No matter what your favorite hairstyle, bouncy beach waves, Shirley Temple ringlets, or stick straight and sleek, there is an excellent heat styling tool out there for you.

First, let’s talk about safety. There’s always a risk of damage when you apply intense heat to your hair. Some irons have super-high heat settings. The hotter the iron, the longer the hair will hold. The more thin and fine your hair, the more likely heat will damage it. 

If you have thinner, more fragile hair, it’s best to leave the heat setting at medium or below 250 degrees. Thicker, courser hair can handle more heat. A professional quality tool made with the right materials will work wonders on your hair and give it a little boost of volume and shine. Poor quality irons can do severe damage leaving you frizzy and dry. 

And before you curl or straighten, only use products specifically designed for heat. Products that contain alcohol can burn your hair right off.

So, what tool works best for you? The answer depends on your hair and the style you desire. 


Tight Curls

A smaller barrel curling iron is best for shorter hair or if you’re looking for a curl definition. 

Our Fav Curling Wand: Xtava Twirl Tapered Curling Wand

Xtava Twirl Tapered Curling Wand

Tight curls are super easy to achieve with the Xtava Twirl Tapered Curling Wand. With 22 temperature settings between 200 and 410 degrees and an easily readable digital LCD screen, you’ll always know exactly how hot your wand is before you apply it to your precious hair. And its temperature range means it’s good for any type of hair. The Xtava wand, made with a tourmaline barrel and ionic technology, lets you experience less static, less frizz and more health and shine. It comes with a cool tip and glove that will save your fingers from burning. You’ll find the Xtava on Amazon for just $28.


sleek and straight hair

Hair straighteners are evolving. New technology and materials mean less damage to your brittle or color-treated hair. 

Our Fav Flat Iron: HSI Professional Glider Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron 

HSI Professional Glider Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

No surprise here that this flat iron is one of the best-sellers amongst hair straighteners. With temperatures that adjust between 140 to 450 degrees, you’ll find the best temp suited for your hair. And with ceramic and tourmaline plate technology, you can turn up the heat while minimizing the amount of damage and breakage. We love how fast and easy it is to create a super-straight, long-lasting style. If you know your way around a straightener, you can use it to curl too. Each iron comes with a protective glove, taming argan oil hair treatment, and travel pouch – and for a very reasonable price of just $32 on Amazon.


Bouncy Hair

No, we don’t mean your hair’s texture after a day in the salty sea air. Beachy bounce means perfect S curls that can only be achieved with a bigger barreled curling iron. 

Our Fav Curling Iron: Beachwaver S1 Rotating Curling Iron

Beachwaver S1 Rotating Curling Iron

We love a rotating barrel because the iron does most of the work for you, so even a curling iron newbie can achieve a done in the salon look. The Beachwaver’s barrel is ceramic, so you have less fear of breaking and damage. And the temperature settings range from 290 to 410, so it’s suitable for most hair types. This iron is not for beginners only; it’s a serious styling tool. The price is on the high side at $129, but we feel the looks you can easily create are worth it. 

Bio: Lucia is a marketing professional that’s worked with top beauty brands in skin, hair, and makeup. When she’s not writing about beauty trends, she’s traveling the US cheering her twin teenage athletes.