Renew Life Women's Care Probiotic

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  • 12 Diverse Probiotic Strains
  • 50 Billion CFUs
  • Includes L. rhamnosus 
  • Delayed-Release Capsules, Non-GMO, Dairy & Soy Free
  • Only includes 1 of the Top-4 Strains
  • Does not include any key Herbs
  • Does not contain prebiotics
  • User complaints of digestive discomfort
  • Limited return policy
Why We Chose It

Renew Life Women’s Care Probiotic formula contains a dose of 50 billion CFUs from 12 diverse strains. The challenge with this formula is that it only includes 1 of the top-4 strains, L. rhamnosus, leaving out the other 3 highly researched and effective strains, L. jensenii, L. gasseri, and L. crispatus.

We liked the CFU potency of this formula, but it does not stand out as a targeted women’s formula because it does not include any key herbs such as Cranberry, D-mannose, or Hibiscus extract for urinary and weight management support. It also lacks prebiotics, which are important to help the probiotics survive, grow, and populate.

Like the top-ranked brand on our list, Renew Life Women’s Care Probiotic utilizes a delayed released capsule to help protect the probiotics from harsh stomach conditions. However, the inclusion of microcrystalline cellulose, a refined wood pulp used as a bulking agent during manufacturing, is not desirable as it may lead to digestive discomfort for some users in the form of bloating, gas, or constipation which happens to be a growing complaint from users of this product. We prefer to see products made from ingredients that are minimally processed.

Renew Life offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, but we would have preferred a 90-day guarantee to allow more time for consumers to assess whether it is right for them.

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