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  • 500 mg dose of Vitamin C
  • Contains Bioflavonoids
  • Uses stevia leaf extract instead of sugar
  • Non-GMO, Gluten and Soy Free, Vegan Friendly


  • Lower than optimal dose of vitamin C
  • Low potency sources of vitamin C
  • Powder form can be inconvenient
  • Return policy limited to point of purchase

Why We Chose It

Whole Family Naturals Vitamin C uses a blend of acerola cherry, camu camu, and kiwi to derive it's 550 mg dose of vitamin C. It also includes a mixture of bioflavonoids to increase absorption. The supplement comes in a powder form, which requires mixing with water. We were happy to see that they use stevia leaf extract instead of sugar, and consumers seem to enjoy the taste. The problem with this product is that acerola cherry, camu camu, and kiwi in powder forms are notorious for offering tiny amounts of actual vitamin C. Acerola cherry in the powder form is only about 1.5% vitamin C. Camu camu is a bit better at about 3% vitamin C. With an already small 500 mg dose, the actual amount of vitamin C contained in this product is somewhat questionable. As with other products containing bioflavonoids, there is a lack of scientific evidence backing marketing claims asserting increased absorption. Whole Family Naturals appears to be a brand created for the sole purpose of selling on Amazon. As is such, their website has no mention of any available money-back guarantee, and so consumers are stuck relying on Amazon's limited return policy.

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