Genius Mushrooms

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  • Contains two of our top 5 mushrooms
  • Vegetarian Capsules, Organic, Non-GMO, & Gluten-Free
  • Mycelium and not from Fruiting Bodies
  • Powder form and not extracts
  • Consumer complaints of nausea
  • Conflicting return policies

Why We Chose It

Genius Mushroom by The Genius Brand is a popular and low-priced product that contains three different mushrooms. At first glance, this product might seem like a tremendous bargain, but a closer look at the ingredients demonstrates why all that glitters is not gold. Genius Mushroom uses mushrooms in powder form, not extracts, and grown on mycelium, not fruiting bodies.41 These aspects make it cheaper to produce but considerably less effective. Studies have shown that mushrooms grown on a mycelium base have about half the beta-glucans, the compound found to deliver health benefits, compared to mushrooms from fruiting bodies. It was good to see that this product uses organic mushrooms and vegetarian capsules. Some consumers have reported mixed reviews, and others had gastrointestinal discomfort from using the product. The return policy for Genius Mushroom is unclear as their website product page indicates a 30-day return policy, but elsewhere on the site indicates 90-days.

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