Host Defense MyCommunity®

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  • 17 Mushroom Blend
  • Limited 90-day return policy
  • Certified Organic, Non-GMO, & Gluten-Free
  • Powder from raw mycelium
  • Low dosage per mushroom
  • Contains Grain Filler
  • Consumer complaints of allergic reactions

Why We Chose It

Host Defense is a long-standing mushroom brand that produces supplements with organically grown mycelium. Their MyCommunity® formula contains seventeen different mushroom varieties, with a low dosage per mushroom. While the Host Defense claims their formula contains both mycelium and fruiting body mushrooms, the reality is that only one of the seventeen mushrooms are from a fruiting body, leaving the remaining 16 grown on a mycelium on grain biomass. The grain filler in this formula is brown rice. Of the total 1,050 mg per serving, one could assume that at least 50% of the product is brown rice filler as there is no way to remove the mycelium from the substrate, leaving you with only about 500 mg of mycelium. As we have noted, studies have shown that mycelium has nearly half the beta-glucans, the compound found to deliver health benefits, compared to mushrooms from fruiting bodies. This product does not contain any extracts. Some users have reported allergic reactions to the product, which may be related to its grain content.

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