Immuneti Advanced Immune Defense

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  • Contains Elderberry and Echinacea
  • Gluten, dairy, and soy-free


  • Does not contain Glutamine
  • Does not contain an ingredient for zinc absorption
  • Consumer complaints of bait and switch sales
  • User complaints related to headaches, nausea, and indigestion
  • Quality control complaints of missing pills and blurry labels
  • Limited 30-day Return Policy

Why We Chose It

Immuneti Advanced Immune Defense is a product made famous thanks to their massive spending on internet advertising. In recent months, the brand has also become infamous for what appears to be some bait and switch sales techniques. Immuneti advertises that their formula contains zinc, elderberry, echinacea, vitamin C, garlic, vitamin D3, and black pepper. Like most immune-boosting formulas, Immuneti is missing the all-important glutamine and an ingredient to improve zinc absorption, such as turmeric 95% curcumin.

In June of 2020, consumers began complaining that the bottles they received were missing vitamin D3 and black pepper from the label, and the amount of vitamin C went from the advertised 330 mg to 180 mg. Upon inquiry, Immuneti responded saying, “By placing an order you will receive immuneti™ with Vitamin D3.” Unfortunately, that was not the case, and as recent as January 2021, a verified purchaser complained that the bottle received was missing vitamin D3 from the label. The brand even went as far as to state, “Hello, we are happy to say these are authentic immuneti bottles!” An even larger issue for us is that in June of 2020, a consumer inquired, “Are the ingredient amounts listed based on 2 or 4 pill serving?” in which Immuneti replied, “The ingredients listed are for a 4 pill serving.” The label clearly states that the dosages provided are for a serving size of 2 pills. Since there are only 60 capsules in a bottle, based on 4-capsule serving size, each bottle is only a 15-day supply. What may seem like a bargain-priced product is far from that. Ultimately, while some users have reported benefits from taking Immuneti, we recommend avoiding this brand due to the numerous consumer complaints and the limited 30-day return policy.

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