Medicove Health Immune Support Supplement

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  • Contains Zinc
  • Contains ionophore Quercetin for zinc absorption


  • Does not contain Elderberry, Echinacea, or Glutamine
  • Conflicting dosage and servings per bottle
  • User complaints related to headaches, nausea, and indigestion
  • Does not use vegetarian capsules
  • No money-back guarantee

Why We Chose It

Medicove Health Immune Support Supplement contains zinc. We were pleased to see the inclusion of quercetin, which, like turmeric 95% curcumin, is an ionophore that supports zinc absorption. However, the formula lacks the other top-ranking ingredients on our list glutamine, elderberry, and echinacea. While this brand includes vitamin D3, we feel it is essential to consult your physician and arrange for a blood test to determine if you are deficient and to what extent. Vitamin D3 is critical to your health, and formulas containing D3 can give you a false sense that you are achieving optimal levels. This brand’s label directions state you should take two gelatin capsules per day, but the more prominent supplement facts say a serving size is just one capsule per day with 60-servings in a bottle. If you are to follow the directions, the bottle only is offering a 30-day supply. The lack of transparency is concerning. Medicove Health appears to be a brand created for the sole purpose of selling on Amazon. As is such, their website has no mention of any available money-back guarantee, and so consumers are stuck relying on Amazon’s limited return policy.

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