NativePath Antarctic Krill Oil

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  • 5000 mg of Antarctic Krill Oil with 30 mg of EPA & 20 mg of DHA
  • 95 mg of Phospholipids
  • 0.20 mg of Astaxanthin


  • Low potency per serving
  • Expensive for only 30 softgels
  • Quality concerns regarding missing capsules per bottle
  • Limited 90-day money-back return policy

Why We Chose It

NativePath Antarctic Krill Oil contains 500 mg of generic krill oil and 95 mg of phospholipids. We liked that this brand claims that their product is wild-caught and sustainable. However, all krill oil coming from the Antarctic Ocean would be wild-caught and sustainable. Our biggest issue with this formula is that it lacks potency. At only 500 mg per serving, it falls very short of our daily recommended intake of 1,600 mg of pure krill oil. You would need to take three servings of NativePath’s product to come close to one serving offered by the number one rated brand on our list. NativePath provides a 90-day refund period, but that is only for unopened bottles, which is not much of a guarantee if you find that you’re unhappy with the results.

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